24/7 Support

Got a question? Someone is always there to help you, including after-hours and on bank holidays.

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Logistics is the art and science of getting things exactly when and where they need to be there.

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Time Respect

Being punctual matters in today's societies. Being on time, conveys far more than just a good sense of timing.

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Best Quality

Every employee throughout the company takes their system-wide commitment to quality seriously.

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Who we are :

With a history and culture of manufacturing and innovation, we're the 1st and ONLY Chain Manufacturing company in Sri Lanka. Our staff designs, engineers, and applies technologies to produce roller and agricultural chains more efficiently.

Behind the logo :

The Ceylon Chain Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. company logo is quite simple and meaningful. The chain in the logo is the item we produce. Sprocket represents how it is used and the lion inside the sprocket represents the manufacturing country.