General View :

Ceylon Chain Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd. started trial producing in 2009 and running normally in February 2010. Since then, the investment in technology and the expansion of manufacturing have been increasing with modern management and automatic manufacturing equipments.

With principle of "Let's make this business as productive as possible so that we can both get benefit.", Ceylon Chain sincerely hopes to establish win-win business with overseas and domestic customers.

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Workshop :

With the well-equipped machines, the workshop of Ceylon Chain Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd. offers conventional chain manufacturing processes. This workshop provides a safe environment for the workers under the guidance of highly skilled engineers.

The machinery of the workshop consist of power press machines, assembling machines, heat treatment machines, rivet machines, roller, bush & pin selecting machines, chain pre-stretch machines and the others to produce high quality chains.

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Storage :

A storehouse is a building provided for preserving materials, stores and finished goods. With the centralised storekeeping, Ceylon Chain Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd. ensures better layout and control of stores, economical use of storage space, lesser staff, saving in storage costs and appointment of experts for handling storage problems.

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