Adjusting Roller Chains :

You can easily adjust your roller chain with a breaker. These can often be purchased from the same supplier that sold you the chains. Roller chain breakers can take on any chain for a link adjustment. Your 40 chain or 420 chain can be adjusted to fit the unit you are using; for the reasons previously discussed it is important to have the correct sizing.

Simple roller chains can be adjusted using a roller chain breaker that pushes the pins through the links. The chain breaker is used for repair applications and adjustment. You must choose to remove or add a link to improve efficiency in your machines, or you may need to adjust the links when you realize your machine would benefit from the change. The small adjustments in the chain can be made in moments when you have a breaker on-hand. You must gently remove links, and you must carefully add new links without disturbing the rest of the chain. Heavy-handed work in this area will render the chain useless.

You may adjust your roller chain at any time. The links on the chain may be removed to change the length of the chain, and the links snap back together when you are finished with your work. Machines are not static objects that remain the same for several decades at a time. It is possible that a machine will require a different roller chain after years of use and abuse. Adding or removing a single link is a fine way to avoid damaging the system.