Cleaning & Lubrication of Roller Chains :

Regular cleaning is one of the most important ways to care for chains and sprockets. You can clean the chains and sprockets in your machines easily, but they must be removed with care. After cleaning the sprockets with soft soap and a cloth, the chains must be greased to make movement easy. You should consider how often each sprocket and chain needs to be cleaned.

Yearly service on an industrial machine is a wise choice, but you must look over the requirements for the machine you are using. Services may be required in shorter intervals for certain industrial products.

Lubrication :

Many roller chains have to operate in dirty conditions, and for size or operational reasons cannot be sealed off from the elements. Some examples include chains on farm equipment, bikes, and chainsaws. These chains will necessarily have relatively high rates of wear, especially when the operators are prepared to accept more friction, less efficiency, increased noise and more frequent replacement as they neglect lubrication and adjustment. That's why stainless chain in corrosive environments is preferable, since their coating allows them to survive the corrosive environment.