Handling Roller Chains to Make it Last :

As you know, the roller chains and sprockets you use must be handled properly from start to finish. A roller chain is a durable piece of equipment, but it must be handled correctly to ensure a long life. Sprockets that interact with your roller chains must be properly installed and fitted to your chains. There are several things to keep in mind when handling roller chains and sprockets.

Best Handling Practices :

Roller chains are coated with a polymer that will prevent wear and tear on the surface. The coating could be scratched at any time while you handle the chain, but you can avoid problems by gently carrying and installing the chain. No one wants to damage the chain before they have had a chance to use it. Obviously the chain will not last as long if the protective coating has been worn away.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the links in each chain can be broken during handling if they are not stored or transported properly. Allowing a roller chain to slosh around the back of a truck will create more damage, and shoving the chain into a toolbox could leave some of the links unstable. It is always a good idea to carefully store the chain in a place that will prevent damage.

And, naturally, a roller chain that is greased properly will prevent wear and also preserve your sprockets.

If taken care of properly, roller chains will last longer than any other item you can find for your machines or doors. Roller chains are not guaranteed to last a certain amount of time, but chains well cared for will give you the maximum life.

Best Installation Practices :

Roller chains cannot be installed with a heavy hand. Roller chains fit with sprockets in a machine or industrial device. The teeth on the sprockets turn to fit into small gaps in each chain, but the chain is no good if it is damaged during installation. You must take the time required to fit the chain to the machine’s sprockets.

Careful installation of a roller chain allows time for each sprocket to be fitted to the chain itself. The chain will be taut when the installation is complete, and the machine will be ready to run. Running the machine prematurely without fitting the chain will damage the chain, damage the sprockets, or even break the motor on the device.