Business Logistics :

Business logistics is the planning process as well as the implementation of efficient and effective storage of raw materials, inventory, finished goods and services. It also refers to the flow and transportation of product from the warehouse to the customer.

For Ceylon Chain Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd.:

  • Logistics is the art and science of getting things exactly where they need to be exactly when they need to be there.
  • Logistics is how we reach out to new customers and connect with new markets
  • Logistics is how we make our current customer happier and save money in the process.
  • Logistics is the secret to making our supply chain more sustainable and giving our customer the choice of going green.

Therefore, whenever goods are ready to ship, our shipping department helps to ensure the process goes efficiently. It is important that inventory be tracked, transported, stored and manufactured in a way that accommodates all of the respective departments. Controlling this flow so that each department knows what to do and what is expected will help to ensure that the company's plans and goals stay on track.