Driving Chains :

Short pitch driving roller chain is articulated by roller link and pin link. It is interference fit between pin and outer link, bush and inner link; while clearance fit between pin and bush. The roller can roll freely around the bush for reduction of friction and wear and mitigation of impingement, which is used for driving. When it has standard or non-standard attachment, the short pitch roller chain can also used for conveying in accordance with the function of attachment.

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Double Pitch Roller Chains :

These chains have figure-eight style link plates. Their dimensions are similar to Standard Series chains with the exception of the pitch, which is twice that of the Standard Series. The increase in pitch means that only half the number of component parts are required per foot which can significantly lower the cost. Typical uses for these types of chains include light load drives commonly found in agriculture.

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Agricultural Chains :

These economical agricultural chains are used extensively for all light conveying and elecating duties in farming emplements.A wide range of attachment are available to suit conveyor and agricultural applications. The type and spacing of attachment required should be stated on order.

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Leaf Chains :

Leaf Chain is the most simple of steel chains, consisting only of link plates and pins. This chain generally has greater tensile strength than roller chains and runs over sheaves rather than Sprockets. They are suitable for hanging, balancing or motion transmitting applications. Leaf chains are often used as counterweight chains for machine tools, elevator and oven doors, fork lift truck masts, spinning frames and similar lifting or balancing applications.

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Extended Pin Chains :

Known for high tensile strength, our range of Short Pitch Extended Pin Chains of are in accordance with international quality standards, thus providing maximum satisfaction to our valued clients. This are available in various specifications and also we offer customization solutions as per the specifications of our clients at market leading price.

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